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pH Down & Up Combo 300 ml

pH Up and pH Down combo pack for use in Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Aeroponics from the house of CityGreens. This is a proprietary combination developed by CityGreens research team. 

It is strong. 0.5ml of ph UP and ph Down will change the pH of 1 liter of neutral water (at ph 7) by more than 2 points in either direction. 

Instructions to use: Use sparingly. add a little, stir the solution. Wait for a couple of minutes, measure pH again. Repeat the process as needed.
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pH Down & Up Combo 300 ml
pH Down & Up Combo 300 ml
pH Down & Up Combo 300 ml
pH Down & Up Combo 300 ml
Product Details
  • pH Up and pH Down for Hydroponics
  • Strong. 0.5 ml of pH Up and pH Down will change pH of 1 litre of water by 2 points
  • Make in India. Developed by CityGreens research team
  • Improves nutrient absorption in the root zone
  • Safe for plants. Used by CityGreens in their own farms

PN: The products are corrosive in nature. Sufficient precautions should be taken by the user while storing and using. The lid should always be kept tight and the product should be kept out of reach of children. Meant to be used to manage pH in liquid nutrients for plants. Not meany for use by Humans.
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