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NFT Channels

CityGreens NFT channels have been designed after more than 2 years of extensive research with various Indian and exotic crops. This is a proprietary design which is suitable not only for commonly grown exotics like lettuce, argula, parsley, etc. but also for (larger root-mass) Asian crops like spinach, coriander, tat-soi, bok-choi, etc. 

The spout positioning ensures that unlike traditional NFT channels, one need not run the recirculation pumps 24x7 while using CityGreen's channels. This can cut the electricity bill by more than half. 

Further, the channels are of 2 mm thickness thus providing additional strength and durability. The material used is food-safe and lead-free* ensuring that food grown in these channels is safe.

The channel comes in 2 parts with a base channel and an openable lid which helps in easy cleaning and sterilisation of channels between progressive crop cycles. Further, the design has been created to ensure that one can slide the lid as well as lift it up giving additional flexibility to the urban farmer.


1. For channel lengths of 1.2 Meters, the shipping cost shown at checkout is final. 

2.The channels of length 3 or 6 Meters are shipped through cargo companies. The shipping costs towards same are not covered under shipping charges shown at check-out. The shipping charges in this case will consist of two components:-

A. Cost towards packaging and local transportation charges incurred by us in dropping the channels to the logistic company. 

B. The cost towards the actual logistics as charged by the logistics company.

If you placing order for more than 10 channels, then we will absorb the cost towards A. Else a flat fee of 1,500/- will be applicable. For cost towards B, you can pay the same to the logistics company at the time of delivery. Once you place an order, our team will connect with you and give you an estimate of same before shipping.

3. If you are first time user and are buying end caps and channels separately, please do note that you will need to glue the end-caps to the channels when you are setting up the system. Alternatively, you can buy the DWC starter kit(s) or NFT hobby kit(s) in which we stick the end-caps and supply all other accessories along with them. 

For any doubts, please call our store support number.


Lead is a low-cost heat stabiliser that is wisely used during the manufacturing of PVC products. Instead of lead, we use costly but safer alternatives for heat-stabilising. However, since the channels are manufactured at same facility where lead based channels are also manufactured, there is a possibility of finding trace amount of lead in our channels. The last evaluated batch had a lead content of approx. 29 ppm (0.0029%).

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  • Select Plant Spacing
  • Quantity
₹750.00 - ₹2,200.00
NFT Channels
Product Details
  • 2-Part openable, lead-free NFT Channel
  • Cross-section - 100mm x 65mm
  • Channel thickness - 2mm
  • Suitable for exotics as well as Asian crops
  • Reduces electricity usage by more than 50%
  • Dual open action - slide as well as lift
  • Standard sizes - 1.2 M (~4ft), 3M (~10ft), and 6M (~20ft)
  • Plant spacing: You should choose the plant spacing (no. of plants in a channel) based on the need of specific plant and its growth stage. We recommend:-
    • For nursery stage - approx. 3" (75 mm)
    • For smaller plants (like coriander, parsley, baby spinach, etc.) - approx. 6" (14 - 15 cm)
    • For medium size plants (like lettuces, spinach, swiss chard etc.) - approx. 8" (20 cm)
    • For large/head forming plants (like bok-choy, tat-soi, a few variety of lettuces) - approx. 10" (25 cm)
  • Available Configurations 
    • 1.2 M length (approx. 4 Feet)
      • 8 Plants (14-15 cm spacing)
      • 6 Plan (20 cm spacing)
    • 3M length (approx. 10 Feet)
      • 40 Plants (7.5 cm spacing)
      • 20 Plants (14-15 cm spacing)
      • 15 Plants (20 cm spacing)
      • 0 Plants (make growing spaces as per your need)
    • 6M length (approx. 20 Feet) - MoQ 10 Units - Call us at +91 843 153 2978 for placing order
      • 80 Plants (7.5 cm spacing)
      • 40 Plants (14-15 cm spacing)
      • 30 Plants (20 cm spacing)
      • 0 Plants (make growing spaces as per your need)
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