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NPK Combo Pack

CityGreens NPK combo pack is a no nonsense, simple to use, balanced and complete nutrient pack that can be used by any beginner or trained grower while growing a mix of crops of different kinds. CG NPK is balanced to ensure that  all the plants get almost similar amount of key nutrients thus ensuring that you do not need to worry about and monitor the nutrient dose for specific plants. 

CityGreens NPK Nutrient blend is a proprietary blend of nutrients that you can use in your hydroponic or soil based garden to promote healthy growth of plants and increase crop yield. CG NPK, when used as per instructions, results in an equal ratio of NPK availability for plants making it an ideal all-season solution for your plants. Since the nutrients are in liquid form, they are easily absorbed by plants and shows visible results within a few days. For best results, use as per instructions provided on the label. 

While providing nutrient to your plants, It is always a good idea to start with a smaller dose and work your way up gradually giving your plants time to adjust. Reduce the dose if you notice brown edges on leaf tips.
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₹399.00 - ₹1,999.00
NPK Combo Pack
NPK Combo Pack
NPK Combo Pack
NPK Combo Pack
Product Details
  • Balanced blend of NPK + Macro + Micro Nutrients for optimal plant growth.
  • Ideal nutrients for soil based and hydroponic set-up
  • pH balanced to provide optimal pH for your plant roots
  • Use as per instructions provided on label
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