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Seed Starter Kit - 15 Plants

Not all seeds germinate due to external factors like over watering and under watering or lack of Oxygen in the soil. Many, that do germinate get affected by fungus and survive only a few weeks. A few of the saplings further die on transplanting due to transplant shock.

Keeping all of that in mind, CityGreens has designed a versatile seed starter kit that provides optimal conditions for your seeds to germinate and develop into healthy saplings ready to develop into full-grown plants.

It uses a soil-less media consisting of Cocopeat and Clay Pellets thus ensuring that the seeds have a balanced amount of water and oxygen that promotes germination. The growing media is pre-treated with organic fungicide to provide protection against common fungus. It is further enriched with nutrients to ensure saplings get all the essential nutrients to develop into healthy plants.

Kit also comes with a variety of seeds so that you don't end up buying full packets when you need only a few. Further, a 2-inch Net-pot ensures that you can allow the sapling to grow some leaves and gain required strength to be able to withstand any transplant shock on shifting. 

Since the grow media uses Cocopeat and Clay Pellets, the kit can be used in all gardening set-ups whether aquaponics, hydroponics or soil based.
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Seed Starter Kit - 15 Plants
Seed Starter Kit - 15 Plants
Seed Starter Kit - 15 Plants
Seed Starter Kit - 15 Plants
Seed Starter Kit - 15 Plants
Seed Starter Kit - 15 Plants
Seed Starter Kit - 15 Plants
Product Details
  • Grow up to 15 saplings.
  • Grow media consisting of Sterilised Hydrotons (150 gm) & Nutrient Enriched Cocopeat (250 gm).
  • Pre-treated with Organic bio fungicide to protect against fungi.
  • 15 Netpots (2 inch size).
  • Includes 4 different variety of seeds and Instruction Set.
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