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Greens Combo Pack

CG Greens Combo Pack is ideal for increasing the leaf mass and spread of plants and is ideal for using with leafy greens, micro greens, and all plants during their initial phase of life. 

Greens Combo Pack consists of two different nutrient solutions, viz CG Blooms and CG Nutes. This set contains all 6 macro-nutrients and 7 essential micro-nutrients required by plants for healthy growth. These nutrients can be used in your hydroponic or soil based garden to promote healthy growth of plants and increase crop yield. Since the nutrients are in liquid form, they are easily absorbed by plants and shows visible results within a few days. 

CG Greens contains all 6 macro-nutrients required by plants with with  a much higher proportion of N as compared to P, thus providing a much higher proportion of Nitrogen as compared to Phosphate. A Higher proportion of Nitrogen promotes healthy roots and extensive leaf growth and is ideal for use with salad or greens garden or during the vegetative phase for all plants. 

CG Nutes is a balanced blend of 7 essential micro-nutrients which helps plants to fight against deficiencies caused by lack of micro-nutrients that are not easily available in soil or water. It boosts plants immunity and promotes the growth of healthy leaf, flower, and fruits. For best results, use as per instructions provided on the label. For CG Nutes, increase alternate dose by 50% in case of visible deficiency symptoms. Once the symptoms recede, switch back to the regular cycle.

For general purpose nutrient blend, please see our CG Nutrient blend NPK. 

While providing nutrient to your plants, It is always a good idea to start with a smaller dose and work your way up gradually giving your plants time to adjust. Reduce the dose if you notice brown edges on leaf tips.
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Greens Combo Pack
Greens Combo Pack
Greens Combo Pack
Greens Combo Pack
Greens Combo Pack
Product Details
  • Consist of 2x quantity of CG Greens and 1x quantity of CG Nutes so that both bottles get finished at the same time.
  • Contains all 6 Macro-nutrients and 7 essential Micro-nutrients.
  • Provides optimal nutrition for healthy leaf and root growth.
  • pH balanced to provide optimal pH for your plant roots.
  • Ideal for soil based and hydroponic set-up.
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