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Temperature & Humidity Logger

You knew that the temperature fluctuates throughout the day and that you will get different values during the day and night.

Did you know that the same is true for humidity? 
If yes, have you ever tried to measure the humidity levels in your growing environment during the night time? 
Here is how our indoor farm looked like when the dehumidifier failed one night.

You would be surprised to know that the night-time humidity in a densely planted enclosed indoor farm can reach upwards of 95%, a sure shot invitee to various fungal diseases. 

Measuring the temperature and humidity once or twice during the day time alone is not sufficient. To create the right growing environment for your plants, you need to measure the temperature and humidity data at fixed intervals to develop a better understanding of the environment your plants are in. 

Based on the insights gained, you can then bring in meaningful interventions to control your plants' temperature and humidity to give them a better growing environment and improve yields.

CityGreens IoT enabled Temperature & Humidity Logger

Salient Features

  • Point of Display:  displays current readings on the device screen on click of a button.
  • Historical Log: logs historical data on IoT cloud. Easy access through mobile or laptop.
  • Dual Power Mode: choose to plug the device in a direct power supply, or go wire-free and use the inbuilt battery.
  • Battery Back-up: 3400 mAh battery to ensure back-up time of up to a month.
  • Data Loss Protection: worried about frequent power cuts/wifi dis-connections? We have got you covered. In case of a connection failure, the device stores up to 360 readings locally, which are sent to the cloud once the connection is restored.

  • Flexible recording interval:want to log data every minute, every hour, every day? Choose the logging frequency that suits your requirement.
  • Graphical Display/Dashboard: A personalised dashboard with graphical display of current and historical logs.
  • Threshold Alerts: Want to get an alert every time the reading hits a lower or higher threshold? The system will do it for you.
  • WiFi/HotSpot: The wi-fi doesn’t reach where you want to use the device? No worries, you can use your phones’ hotspot to use the IoT functionality. 
  • Power Failure Protection: in case of power failure the device continues to operate using the inbuilt battery.
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