City Greens

CityGreens Rewards

For our most vocal supporters, who believe in our cause, and stand by us, month after month.

What do I get?

Assured 5% discount whenever you buy from CityGreens store. Additionally, you can use any other prevailing offers too.

How do I Join?

Simply meet any 2 of the 4 criteria. Let us know that you did it. And we will enable your membership for next 3 months.

How do I re-new?

The same way you joined. Meet 2 of the 4 criteria during your membership tenure to extend it by another 3 months.

Meet any 2 of the following 4 criteria to join CityGreens Rewards program

1. Purchase more than 5,000 Rs. of goods/services from CityGreens store or any other online portal.

2. Leave a product review for your purchase on CityGreens store or the portal you bought it from.

3. Share your product usage story (image or video) on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

4. Leave your feedback or review on our Google business page. Let us know how we are doing.

Send a screenshot of meeting the criteria to


What is CityGreens Rewards program?

CityGreens Rewards Program

A business is nothing without its supporters. Wherever we have reached today is largely because of our customers who have supported us by using our products and sharing their active feedback with us to help us improve further.

CityGreens Rewards Program is an attempt at our end to identify such customers, offer them a higher value through lower prices, and be in touch with them to continue to get active feedback that can help improve their experience with CityGreens products.

How does it work?

How does CityGreens Rewards Program work?

To gain entry into CityGreens rewards program you will need to satisfy any 2 of the 4 criteria mentioned on this page. Once you have done that, share screenshots with us by sending a mail to and we will activate your membership within 7 days.

Once your membership is activated, you will get 5% lesser prices whenever you purchase anything from CityGreens store during your membership period of next 3 months. Please Note that the lower prices will be available only through your registered account. If you carry out your purchase as a guest user, you will get the regular prices.

Will the discount be offered site-wide or are there products on which discount will not apply?

Discount on all Products, but not on Services

The discounts will be offered on all physical products that you buy from CityGreens store. Service offerings like training programs will not be covered under this offer. 

What is the cut-off period for meeting the qualifying criteria?

Actions during past 3 months to be considered

The reward program runs into increments of 3 months.

For qualifying for the rewards program, you need to ensure that the qualifying criteria that you have met should not be more than 3 months old. The same principle will apply for renewals which will also be in increments of 3 months.

How will I know that I am getting a 5% lower price?

Special price for members

That's quite simple. The discount is offered to you directly as a lower list price once you login through your registered account on CityGreens store. 

To check the price variance, log out and explore the store as a guest user.

Can I apply additional discount coupons too to get more benefit?

Assured discount over and above other running offers

Absolutely Yes.

The assured lower price advantage is over and above any other running promo coupons and offers. So you can enjoy the best of both worlds with CityGreens Rewards Program.

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